Sunday, October 14, 2007

Revitalization of Central City

Community creating partnerships with residents and community groups opens the doors for more small business opportunities which create a stronger Central City for all.


Anonymous said...

There are a variety of resturants that operate in the Tenderloin. This is because of a number of factors: Many of the resturants turn into social gathering spots; anther reason is that many of the nearby residentials rooms and hotel rooms do not have cooking facilities in their rooms causing them to purchase daily meals; and of course the so called Theatre District and nightlife venues pull in customers. These are all postive reasons why our many restuarants thrive here in the Tendrloin/Little Siagon/Civic Center areas.

Jerry Jarvis said...

but do these places serve the neighbor hoods taste, or the tourist ed area hoteliers? Do these eateries serve a nutritional meal at cost affordable to the neighborhood residents?